Privacy Policy

Nordic Wrecks Ski Club  Our Privacy Policy

The Nordic Wrecks Ski Club (referred to below as the “Ski Club”) is dedicated to protecting the privacy of its member’s personal information. When an individual becomes a member of the Ski Club he has placed his trust with the Ski Club as to how his personal information is maintained. The Ski Club will do whatever it can to protect this information and maintain his trust.

To maintain the member’s trust the Ski Club will be guided by the following principles:

1. Accountability

The Ski Club is accountable and responsible for protecting the member’s personal information and for responding to any of the member’s concerns. To assure the Ski Club’s accountability it will assign responsibility for compliance with these principles to a designated member of the club’s executive.

2. Purpose for collecting your personal information

When the Ski Club collects personal information from members it will tell the membership why it needs this information.

The usual reasons why the Ski Club will collect this personal information are:

To provide the member with information about the club’s activities.
To understand the member’s needs and interests in the ski club.
To determine the kind of skiing activity the Ski Club will offer.
To keep statistics of the kinds of ski trips that were most popular.
To send the membership the Ski Club’s newsletters by ordinary mail and email

3.   Member Consent

The knowledge and consent of the club member will be required for the disclosure of personal information, except where it is needed to:

Provide help in a medical emergency.
Make reservations for accommodations for ski trips.  
To protect the member when his life, health or security is threatened.
To notify an emergency contact when a skiing injury requires it.

Generally, when individuals sign on as members, they will disclose only that personal information that is necessary to operate the activities of the Ski Club. In determining the appropriate form of consent to giving this information, the Ski Club will take into account the sensitivity of the information and the reasonable expectations of the member.

An individual’s consent can be expressed, implied, or given through an authorized representative (such as a parent). In determining the appropriate form of consent, the Ski Club may identify a new purpose and seek consent to use and disclose personal information after it has been collected.

4.   Limits for collecting personal information

The Ski Club will collect only the amount and type of personal information needed for the safe and successful operation of the club.  The Ski Club will collect personal information using procedures that are fair and lawful.


5. Limits on the use, disclosure and keeping of your personal information

  • The Ski Club will only use and keep the member’s information for the purpose that it was collected.
  • The Ski Club will not disclose the member’s personal information without his consent.
  • The Ski Club may use the member’s personal information to periodically to gather information from him for statistical purposes.

6. Accuracy

The Ski Club will make reasonable efforts to ensure that a member’s personal information is accurate, complete, and current. It is expected for communication purposes that when changes occur in member’s information, he will update his personal information as soon as possible.

If a member sees errors in the accuracy of his personal information, the Ski Club will amend it as soon as practical.

7. Safeguarding personal information

The Ski Club will take all reasonable measures to protect a member’s personal information.

The executive and committees that handle this personal information will abide by this code and keep his information secure. This includes precautions such as keeping fees collected in a safe place, locking file cabinets; keeping passwords to electronic files secure.

The Ski Club will also use appropriate measures when disposing of personal information so that the member’s privacy is maintained.

8. Making information about policies and procedures available to club members

The Ski Club will make every effort to be open about the policies and procedures it uses to manage personal information.  Club members will have access to information about these policies and procedures in a form that is easy to understand.  The club will make a reasonable effort to make club members aware of the existence and location of these policies and the procedures for gathering and correcting personal information.

9. Your access to your personal information

Upon request, and with reasonable notice, the Ski Club will share with each member all of his personal information that it maintains. If he wishes to see his personal information, the member must write or call the person in charge of this information.  If the information is shown to be inaccurate the Ski Club will correct the information.

10. The handling of complaints and questions

The Ski Club will have policies and procedures to receive, investigate and respond to club member’s complaints and questions.  The Ski Club will respond to these complaints and questions as soon as it is possible.